Artists for Amphan is a visual art fundraiser to support the communities affected by Cyclone Amphan.


Bailey Elder

Flower for Amphan

Bailey Elder is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is centralized on shape and color, and how their relationship can help transcribe energy from Earth, inner-self, and other spiritual planes. Working primarily in design, paint, and animation, she is interested in the connectedness of all things, and how to share this across a spectrum of mediums.

Medium: Mixed

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El Hardwick

Flora, Isle of Mull

El Hardwick is a London based photographer, director, curator, writer and musician. Identifying as trans-non binary, their work explores relationships between bodies and their surrounding environments, non-binary and queer world making practices, and how we can heal on a damaged planet.

"This photograph of my girlfriend was taken on a trip to the Isle of Mull last year. It was our first trip out of London together, and spending time in this ancient forest was a very queer moment of togetherness: both for us, and with nature."

Medium: Photography

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Claire Casper


Claire Casper is a design student, muralist, and fabricator in Tampa, FL. Her work combines DIY design vernacular and kitsch with formal design to create playful, unserious compositions. She is currently studying at the University of South Florida.

Medium: Graphic

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Angela Ricciardi

In Search of Lost Time

Angela Ricciardi is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist working between New York City and Los Angeles. She takes a holistic approach to prioritize human connection and authentic experience in all of her creative projects.

Medium: Photography

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Ariel Fish

A couple visits Joshua Tree

Ariel is a photographer based in Los Angeles. Through a mixture of constructed and observational images, Ariel's work explores the absurdity of a constantly and humorously unraveling universe and our desire to contain it.

Medium: Photography
Ariel Fish on Vimeo

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