Artists for Amphan is a visual art fundraiser to support the communities affected by Cyclone Amphan.


This past May, Eastern India and Bangladesh were struck by a deadly cyclone. 118 people have succumbed to this disaster, most of them electrocuted or killed by trees uprooted by winds gushing at a speed of 185 km per hour. The houses, trees and other infrastructures have been completely shattered and in some places, entire villages were swamped by the winds. The evacuation process was even more complicated due to COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. Now, millions across West Bengal are left without homes. Click to read more on Cyclone Amphan.

We asked independent artists around the world to contribute a work they created during quarantine centered on the theme of Together. This assignment yielded diverse vantage points of our adapting world on the mend; searching for remedy while maintaining unity.

All proceeds will be donated to GiveIndia. GiveIndia’s partner NGOs are working in the worst affected areas of the Sundarbans, South and North 24 Parganas, East Medinipur and the slums of Kolkata; trying to provide food, shelter and healthcare as immediate relief in wake of Cyclone Amphan.

GiveIndia will act as a liason in the distribution of our donation to verified nonprofits working in the regions mentioned above; as it is difficult for foreign individuals to make direct donations to Indian nonprofits.

You can read more about GiveIndia’s mission in the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan here.

This project was curated and is run by Madi Clark and Everett Fitzpatrick, visual artists based in Los Angeles.

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